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Relay Rules and Regulations

1. There will be a loading/unloading area near the entrance of the Relay field. This area is NOT FOR PARKING. We ask that you minimize your time here since it is the only loading area we have available. Please be courteous to the other campers who need to unload. Use of wagons, wheelbarrows and/or dollies is suggested to transport items. We will have golf carts at the event to help transport your supplies to your site.

2. Please DO NOT park in the handicapped parking spots. We have many disabled participants at Relay and they cannot walk from the remote lots.

3. Teams may set up their campsites from 2 pm until 8 pm on Friday night. There is no camping Friday night. We will have security on site to watch your things.

4. Please use the trash and recycling containers provided. Campsites should be kept clean at all times. At the end of the event, please roll your trash containers to the designated area for pickup.

5. Please keep your tents within your own campsite. You may extend behind your site if you have the space to do so, but only directly behind and never to the side.

6. Please do not use any metal stakes of any kind. These can ruin the sprinkler system and, if left behind, can be a danger to lawnmowers. Wood and plastic stakes may be used with caution.

7. Please, no open flames, fuel lanterns, stoves, barbeques, tiki torches, etc. The only flames allowed are the Luminaria and Luminaria Ceremony candles.

8. Please do not mark the field with anything. No use of any paints, glue, or other substances on the field.

9. RV parking is available to those who have pre-registered with Logistics. Regular parking is limited so we ask that you do not take up valuable parking space with your RV in the normal parking lot. To request an RV parking space, please fill out and submit a Motor Home Parking Request. If you bring a trailer, your car MUST stay attached to the trailer the entire time it is parked. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Motor homes and trailers should be brought to Central Park on Friday, May 21st, between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

10. If you would like to keep your Luminaria Bags, please pick them up Sunday morning before 9 am. Bags remaining after 9 am will not be available for pickup.

11. Please do not dump the Luminaria Bag sand onto the field. Return the sand to the Luminaria booth.

12. Please remember your sunscreen, a flashlight for midnight trips to the bathrooms, and also plenty of water. We will have some water provided though it may not last the entire night.

13. UPDATED!  Food will be available throughout event. Team Members who have raised $100 by May 3rd, 2011, will be given vouchers for lunch and dinner. There will not be extra food tickets at Relay for turning in your $100.  NEW THIS YEAR, for those with free food tickets, you will be able to redeem them at other food vendors for up to $3.00 in value. This means if you do not want to use ticket for the free food we offer and instead want to go to a food vendor, your free ticket is valued at $3.00 towards the purchase. Other Participants may use cash directly to the food vendors. Although food is available, bringing additional snacks and drinks for your team is suggested.

14. No wading pools--there is no water available.

15. Please remember to be courteous to all and keep the noise level down at night.

16. Participants may want to bring additional cash if they want to participate in games, contests, raffles, etc., throughout the event.  Also, it is a great idea to bring personal address labels (or stamps) for raffle tickets--it cuts down on your writing time! (UPDATED:  There will be NO ATM this year).

17. No dogs are allowed inside the Relay Event (except in compliance with ADA Rules). We realize that this is a public park and dogs may use other areas of the park, but we ask that all dogs be kept outside the event for health and safety purposes. Please pass this information on to anyone who might be attending Relay. Thank You!

18. Due to Health Department regulations, we are NOT permitted to sell home-made food or beverage items. Any food or beverage items sold MUST be professionally pre-packaged.

19. UPDATED! No alcohol of any kind is permitted on Relay grounds, including wine, Champagne, etc., included in raffle baskets. (We suggest using a picture of your wine/Champaign bottle inside the basket and arrange to deliver the actual bottle after Relay.)  If any team violates this rule, a committee or ACS Staff person will come by to remove said items from your campsite. These items will be available for pickup on Sunday morning after 9 a.m.  

20. Please clear all vendors through logistics. If you are going to rent popups and/or tents that will be delivered to the event, you must use a pre-approved vendor, or have your vendor approved through Logistics to insure that the proper insurance paperwork is in place.  

21. Event Waivers - Adult and Family:  Please remember that everyone must sign an event waiver either electronically (part of the online registration process) or on paper.  Youth participants must sign the paper waiver even if they signed up electronically. For families and groups, save time by using our Family/Groups Waiver.

22. Event Waivers - Youth Groups:  If a youth will be attending Relay without his/her parent or legal guardian, he/she must be accompanied by an adult and complete the Youth and Chaperone Participation Agreement.  For youth groups, there must be at least one chaperone for every 10 youth.  Chaperones must complete the Youth Chaperone Waiver.

23. Most important of all, HAVE FUN!!!

For more information, please contact your Relay Chair at Chair@scvrelay.org.