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Team Member Incentive Awards
The deadline to turn in money for the incentive prize is Friday, June 4, 2010. After this date, the current team member totals are submitted to the company that will issue out the certificate codes. It is important that if a team member qualifies for an incentive prize and they want to redeem it, they must be registered, preferably online by June 4th. The company will send out an email about 2-4 weeks after receiving the team member totals. For those not online but did fill out paper registration, they will receive their certificate code in the mail by the end of June.

Note: The email for receiving the certificate code is coming from relayforlifeincentive@cancer.org. Please add this address to your email address book, otherwise the email might go into a SPAM folder.

Team Captains please note: Since the certificates are sent via email, if a team captain had registered all their team members online using just one email account, only one certificate will be issued to that one email account regardless of the number of team members who qualify. The codes are sent one per email address.

If by July, someone has not received their certificate code, have them send me an email direct. I should have a list of blank codes to issue out. I added an updated team list to include the last minute teams that joined or dropped out. That's it for now.

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