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This is the history site for our 2010 Relay.
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Team Captain Coordinator

Stacy Kupfer
  Stacy Kupfer
  9-Year SCV Relay Veteran
  4 Years as Team Captain of Pampered Chef, Help Whip Cancer
  E-mail: Teams@scvrelay.org
  Contact Number: 661-263-1220

Captain's Council

Our Captains' Council is made up of seasoned Relay Team Captains or Co-Captains who will be available to assist you in all aspects of developing your Relay Team! These Council members are ready and willing to help no matter what your question is.

We have divided our Teams into five groups--the letters beside the Council member's names coordinate with the names of our teams. For example, if your team name is Gruber Go Getters, your Council member would be Scott Siegman. After you sign up your team, your Captain's Council will send you an e-mail introducing themself. Please feel free to call for questions, advice, or just to say hi!

Susan Pearsall
  Susan Pearsall - Teams Starting with A-E
  Experience:  9-Year SCV Relay Veteran, 4 Years as Co-Captain of Chemo Amigos,
      5 Previous Years with Michael’s Angels Including the 1st SCV Relay at Canyon High School
  E-mail: Susan@scvrelay.org
  Contact Numbers: 661-296-3665 (home - preferred), 661-219-5258 (cell)

Scott Siegman
  Scott Siegman - Teams Starting with F-Mi
  Experience:  4-Year SCV Relay Veteran, 4 Years as Captain of Henry's Heroes
  E-mail: Scott@scvrelay.org
  Contact numbers:  661-253-9188 (work), 818-830-8844 (home)

Tamara Dowling
  Tamara Dowling - Teams Starting with Mo-Sa
  Experience:  3-Year SCV Relay Veteran, 3 Years as Team Captain  - 2 with Save the Balls and 1 with Christ Lutheran Church
  E-mail: Tamara@scvrelay.org
  Contact Number:  661-263-8709 (work)

Bobby Newquist
  Bobby Newquist - Teams Starting with Se-Te
  Experience:  6-Year SCV Relay Veteran, 6 Years as Member of United Ribbons of Hope
  E-mail: Bobby@scvrelay.org
  Contact numbers:  661-714-2080

Stacy Kupfer
  Stacy Kupfer (Acting) - Teams Starting with Th-Z
  Experience:  9-Year SCV Relay Veteran, 4 Years as Team Captain of Pampered Chef, Help Whip Cancer
  E-mail: Teams@scvrelay.org
  Contact numbers:  661-263-1220