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Accounting Frequently Asked Questions
How come my thermometer total does not match what I show?

The thermometer total only reflects on-line donations you have received. Any off-line donations, including those turned into your captain, do not show here.

How can I find out the total amount I raised?

The total amount raised from your team will be reflected on the Offline Donations page. This page includes totals for both on-line and off-line donations. If you want to see a detailed breakdown, you can click on your team's link at the top of the Offline Donations page.  All donations both on-line and off-line will be listed here.  Or, you can contact your Team Captain.

How come the total on-line donations posted on the Offline Donations page do not exactly match what our team has raised on-line?

Check the “As of” date posted at the top of the Offline Donations page. Because this list is not automatically updated, if you received new on-line donations after we pulled the information, it will not match. But it will be reflected in the totals the next time we update it.

I want to know if I received an off-line donation, how do I do this?

You should contact your team captain. They have a way of obtaining this Information.

Can I get copies of the off-line donations people sent in for me?

Your team captain or co-captain can go into the Relay office and make copies of any forms sent in for you.

As a team member can I bring my donations directly to the ACS office?

We encourage all team members to turn in your donations directly to your team captain. This gives them a better idea where your team stands on donations. They can then fill out the forms to turn in the donations.

As a Team Captain, which envelope do I turn in for my teammates? The Team Member Envelope or a Team Captain Envelope?

Team Captains should complete and turn in only the Team Captain Envelope. Please make sure to put each team member’s name who is turning in money. Make sure to put both first name and last name – exactly as the person registered. We may not know someone’s nickname and list them as another team member. Verify the money they are turning in and write the amount – cash or checks – in the appropriate column. Please make sure the name is legible so we can credit the appropriate person. Total the amount turning in. This envelope can be brought to any team captain’s meeting or dropped off at the ACS office.

What are the hours of the ACS office?

Most days the hours are 9-5. They are closed on a few Fridays. You can call prior to going in to make sure someone is there, 661-775-0711. The address is 25020 West Avenue Stanford, Unit 170, Valencia (click here for map).

For more information, please contact Accounting@scvrelay.org.