Team Captain Wrap Party!

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2008 Team Captain Wrap Party on Wednesday, August 27, 2008. 
Listed below are the awards that were presented.

See the TC Wrap Pictures!

Top Individual Fundraiser

This year we had over 1700 participants raising donations, with 104 individuals raising over $1,000 each!  Amazing!  Our 2008 top individual fundraisers are:

#1:  Leo Anselm, Running for a Cure, $13,165.00

#2:  John Parker, SCV Blues Society, $7,320.00

#3:  Rita McGranahan, Falasca, $5,585.00

Honorable Mention:  Kathy Lombardi, Family & Friends for a Cure, $5,535.00

Top Fundraising New Teams

Although some of these names are familiar, they all are either new to Relay, newly reorganized, or newly returned:

#1:  weSpark, $13,773,56 - Mary Rehard

#2:  Mom’s Club of Westridge, $10,756.50 -  April Draves

#3:  Soldiers for a Better Cause, $6,604.17 - Vicki Sanchez

Top Fundraising Teams

#1:  United Ribbons of Hope, Wendy Thy, $31,888.70

#2:  Caring for You, Pat News, $30,585.22

#3:  Running for a Cure, Chris Sidles, $20,088.48

Honorable Mentions:  Newhall Islanders 19K, UCLA Superstars 18K, Hearts of Hope 18K

Online Awards:

Top Online Fundraising Individuals

#1 Tie:  Michael Gollom, UCLA Superstars, $2,600.00

#1 Tie:  Bobby Newquist, United Ribbons of Hope, $2,600.00

#3:  Paige Koppenhaver, Doin’ It For Davis, $2,025.00

Honorable Mention:  Davis Koppenhaver, Doin’ It For Davis, $1,750.00

Top Online Fundraising Teams

#1:  United Ribbons of Hope, Wendy Thy, $11,201.00

#2:  Caring for You, Pat News, $8,768.00

#3:  Doin’ It For Davis, Sharon Koppenhaver, $6,720.00

Special Thank You's

A special "thank you" to our Captains Council:
Stacy Kupfer
Jennifer Parkis
Susan Pearsall
Danika Sanchez
Scott Siegman

Spirit Awards (for Outstanding Relay Team Spirit)

Allison Kupfer, Allie’s Mitzvah

Katy Sharbonow, Team Shelby  

Maria Falasca, Team Falasca

Kathy Lombardi, Family & Friends for a Cure 

Nathan Crookston, Nathan’s Crusade Against Cancer

Sharon Koppenhaver,  Doin’ It for Davis  

Angela Cutler & Anna Crayon, Cynthia’s Butterflies

Mary Rehard, weSpark  

Jerry Citarella, Dreams Come True

Karen Candy, Princess Cruises

Our Captains Council presented the

First Annual "Believe" Award
Brandi Newquist (accepted by Bobby Newquist)

The Believe Award will be presented every year to someone who mentors, encourages, and inspires others.