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Relay in Cyberspace!

The original "social networking" site, MySpace is a place to share your favorite music and pictures, and connect with friends.  In 2007, SCV Relay set up our first "group" site, allowing MySpace members to add us as "friends". 

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Facebook is the "grown up" version of MySpace.  Connect with friends, share photos, opinions, groups and causes.  Create an event or a group and manage your calendar.  A grown-up online community.

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LinkedIn is a professional networking site.  Connect with friends and coworkers as well as fellow Relayers.  This site is no nonsense and is a great place for corporate and community group connections.

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Create your event on MySpace, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn and then invite people with electronic invitations from Evite!
You can create your own personal invitations and use their site to send, track, and update them.  It even creates a map automatically!  When the event is over, use the site to send thank you e-mails!

Go to Evite.