2009 Contact Information

Event Chairs: 
  Event Chair:  John Fortman,  EventChair@SCVRelay.org

   Co-Chair, Growth: Jennifer Minard, GrowthChair@SCVRelay.org
  Co-Chair, Production:  Brian Afdahl, ProductionChair@SCVRelay.org
  Send an e-mail to all three Event Chairs:  Chairs@SCVRelay.org

ACS Staff Partner 
   Danielle Anziano,

Additional Chairs:


Ceremonies:  Sandy Worth, Ceremonies@SCVRelay.org

Luminaria Ceremony:  Jerry Citarella, LuminariaCeremony@SCVRelay.org

Special Events:  Nora Christie, SpecialEvents@SCVRelay.org

Equipment Procurement:  Neil Shah, Equipment@SCVRelay.org

Games/Prizes:  Cassie Taylor, Games@SCVRelay.org

Music:  Lynn Parker, Music@SCVRelay.org

Stage/Sound:  Jack Worth, Stage@SCVRelay.org

Volunteers:  Evelia Gandarilla, Volunteers@SCVRelay.org


Team Coordinator:  Stacy Kupfer, Teams@SCVRelay.org

New Team Recruitment:  Jeannine Walker, NewTeams@SCVRelay.org

Youth Team Recruitment:  Tamara Dowling, YouthTeams@SCVRelay.org

Corporate Development:  Lawrence Nissen, Corporate@SCVRelay.org

Corporate Retention:  Ronda Bestle, CorpRetention@SCVRelay.org

Survivor Village:  Darrellyn McCormick & Cheryl Adams, Survivors@SCVRelay.org

Advocacy:  Karen Kaplan, Advocacy@SCVRelay.org

Fight Back--Teams:  Laura Kelly, FightBack@SCVRelay.org

Publicity:  Pat Willett, Publicity@SCVRelay.org

Photography:  Janie Choate/Chris Tanner, Photos@SCVRelay.org

SCVRelay.org Web Site:  Teresa Kerr, Info@SCVRelay.org

Program Book Ads:  Holly Feneht, ProgramAds@SCVRelay.org

Program Book Layout:  Stephen Lisjack, ProgramLayout@SCVRelay.org


Accounting:  Agnes Russell and Nette Fortman, Accounting@SCVRelay.org

Online Registration/ACS Website:  Eleanor Jones, Online@SCVRelay.org

Registration:  Kathleen Pavard and Sherry Chirillo, Registration@SCVRelay.org

Food:  Mindy Duffy and Jennifer Duffy, Food@SCVRelay.org

Luminaria Bags:  Kymmer & Kim Crookston, Luminaria@SCVRelay.org

Relay Store:  Candace Wells, RelayStore@SCVRelay.org

Captain's Council: